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person-level identification

See the real people behind the clicks, not just the companies

Clearbit, LeadForensic, and Leadfeeder stop at the company level, requiring a lot of guesswork when used for sales.
Warmflow delivers full business contact details for every individual visitor, including:

Full name
Work email
Linkedin profile
Warmflow dashboard displaying all the identified website visitors through person-level website visitor identification

It’s not you,
cold outbound
has changed

Cold outbound is increasingly less effective, with reply rates plummeting year after year.

Inboxes are saturated by companies using poor spray-and-pray tactics.

Prospects are tired of irrelevant, pushy cold emails.

8.5% 5%

Avg. reply rate in 2019 VS Avg. reply rate in 2024


Of cold emails are perceived as irrelevant by prospects


Daily emails received by c-level executives

Get high-intent leads who reply 3X more

Warmflow delivers your highest potential visitors’ work emails, allowing you to focus your outbound efforts on prospects silently evaluating your product.

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Integrate our pixel into your website

Just copy a line of code and paste it into your website's header or Google Tag Manager.


Start receiving exact visitors’ identities

In under 5 minutes, you'll start getting warm leads browsing your website.


Send targeted messages to high-intent visitors

Outreach to each lead manually or import the whole list into your email automation platform.

No risk of breaking GDPR

Warmflow starts the identification process only for US-based visitors, so GDPR doesn’t apply to our technology.

Map of the United States with a padlock as a visual representation of Warmflow compliance with all US privacy laws and regulations
Stylized example of a website
An identified website visitor with full name work email, Linkedin profile, company and role
Your unfair advantage

Stay a step ahead of competitors

Quickly identify and capture demand hidden on your website before your competitors do.

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Intent scoring

Focus on the hottest ones, nurture the rest

Warmflow scoring algorithms analyze visitors' behavior flagging your most promising potential buyers.

individual lead profile
Intent score

Cut through the noise and focus on the ones that matter

advanced deal tracking
View-page tracking

Leverage what they’ve seen for a more relevant outreach

List of identified visitors by Warmflow through person-level website visitor identification technology
A box showing visitor's view-page history obtained through Warmflow view-page tracking
Two key stakeholders identified using Warmflow showing the website page they stayed on the most
Example of Warmflow notification informing the user that a new website visitor has been identified
deal visibility

Increase visibility on your ongoing deals

Uncover key stakeholders you’re not talking to, discover their top concerns through view-page tracking, and up-level your multithreading game.

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Compliance Center

Review our privacy documents and find accurate answers to your questions about compliance.
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Find step-by-step guides on pixel installation, how to use visitors’ data, billing, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Warmflow work?

Warmflow relies on a trusted Network of Data Partners to help identify visitors to your site. These partners gather both first-party and third-party data, ensuring we meet and exceed US privacy laws.

When someone visits your site, our pixel activates, gathering visitors' browser fingerprints (like IP address, screen resolution, user-agent, and other parameters). We then match this information against our Network to resolve the visitor’s identity in full compliance with US privacy state laws.

What are some successful use cases for Warmflow data?

Warmflow is successfully used by founders and high-growth sales and marketing teams.

One of the most popular use cases is leveraging the professional emails of visitors identified by Warmflow to run highly targeted warm-outbound campaigns which outperform traditional campaigns.

Examples include targeting leads that have spent more than 20 seconds on the pricing page or campaigns that leverage the view-page history provided by Warmflow for each visitor to personalize emails at scale in a way that was not possible until now.

Some companies use Warmflow for retargeting high-intent visitors, optimizing budget, and maximizing ad ROI.

How long does it take to activate Warmflow on my website?

No more than 5 minutes. After adding our script to the header of your website (we have a series of step-by-step guides on this + 24/7 support available), you'll start receiving warm leads in 5-20 minutes, depending on your traffic.

Does GDPR apply to Warmflow?

No. Our technology works exclusively for visitors based within the borders of the United States, so GDPR and GDPR UK do not apply to Warmflow. This is ensured by:
- Geofencing: Warmflow initiates the identification process only for IP addresses located in the US;
- 100% US data: within our databases, we only have information on US identities; we do not possess data on European or British citizens.

Furthermore, if it's not possible to accurately locate a visitor (for instance, if they're using a VPN), Warmflow abandons the identity resolution process to ensure full compliance with international privacy laws.

What if a European citizen is currently located in the US?

If a European citizen is visiting your website from a location in the United States, they are no longer subject to European legislation (GDPR) but instead are subject to US laws.
Therefore, their identification through Warmflow is fully compliant.

What about US state-level privacy laws like CCPA, CPRA, or CDPA?

If these state laws apply to you and you are already compliant with them, using Warmflow will not affect your compliance.
Additionally, Warmflow imposes strict controls on its entire Data Partners Network regarding data collection, ensuring full adherence to all requirements mandated by US privacy laws.

You can find more information in our Compliance Center

Why is Warmflow priced so below compared to competitors?

The real question here is: why does such powerful technology have to cost so much?
This technology has always been the exclusive domain of large companies capable of spending astronomical amounts.

Our vision is to make the power of person-level website visitor identification accessible even to startups and SMEs.

Even our cheapest competitors require a minimum annual commitment of at least $6K.
With Warmflow, we've made it possible to have the same technology for 80% less, and you can try it out for free without going through a tedious discovery call.

How do you ensure only actual high-intent leads are delivered?

If Warmflow were to merely identify all your visitors, you would find yourself wasting hours figuring out which ones are worth contacting.

In addition to automatically excluding bounced traffic, Warmflow employs sophisticated scoring algorithms that analyze user behavior and buying intent.

For each visitor, Warmflow calculates an Intent Score that allows you to quickly determine which leads are worth your time.

I’m based in the UK/Europe, can I use Warmflow?

Yes, but you have to keep in mind that Warmflow works exclusively on your US traffic.
So, if you also have visitors located in the United States, you can use Warmflow to identify that portion of your traffic.

Identify your website visitors and unlock a new revenue stream.